SMR #7 – Mengapa Penting Tetapkan Matlamat?

Saya suka pada artikel berbahasa Inggeris oleh tentang pengasas, Jack Ma. Berikut saya kongsikan antara petikan yang terkesan di hati saya:

Jack Ma: People lose out in life because of these 4 reasons:

– Being myopic to opportunity
– Looking down on opportunities
– Lacking understanding
– Failing to act quickly enough

You are poor, because you have no ambition.

Ambition is living a life of great ideals; a magnificent goal in life that must be realised.

In this world, there are things that are deemed unfathomable, but there is nothing in this world that cannot be done. The depth of one’s ambition determines the potential of one’ future.

The Story of Juliet Wu Shihong – one of China’s first-generation professional managers, who gained success by working her way up the ranks from a cleaner, a nurse, a marketing executive, through self-education and learning on the job.

She had been the general manager for the world’s most famous multinational IT groups’ Chinese branches (Microsoft 1985-1998; IBM 1998-1999). She is also China’s first successful international corporate executive to join the executive team of a domestic private firm.

Wu was seen as a symbol of the new generation of business executives that China has produced in its economic reform and opening-up.

When Wu started off in a big company working from the lowest ranks, her daily job was to pour tea and sweep floors. Once, because she forgot her staff pass, the company’s guard stopped her at the door and denied her entry. She explained to the guard that she was indeed one of the company’s employees, and that she had merely left the building for a short while to purchase office supplies.

Despite her pleas, the guard still did not allow to enter. As she stood at the gate, she watched as those of similar age to her, but smartly dressed in business attire walking through without having to show their passes.

She asked the guard, “Why are these people allowed through without producing a pass?” The guard dismissed her coldly nonetheless.

That was the turning point for Wu – she felt great shame, her self-esteem trampled on.

She looked at herself, dressed in shabby clothes and pushing a dirty push cart. Looking back at those dressed in smart attire, her heart felt a deep ache from the sudden realization of the sorrow and grief from being discriminated.

From that moment, she vowed never to allow herself to be shamed like this again, and to become world-famous.

Since then, she used every opportunity to enrich herself. Every day, she was the first to arrive at work, and the last one to leave. She made every second count, spending her time learning the ropes.

Her efforts soon paid off; she was made a sales representative, and quickly progressed to being the regional general manager of this multinational company in China.

Wu did not possess strong academic qualifications, and was revered as the ‘Queen of Part-timers’. Subsequently, she assumed the position of GM of IBM China. This is the Wu Shihong, the heroine in China’s business circle.

If not for the incident, Wu Shihong would not have had the ambition to become rich, and her life would have taken a very different path then.

– You are poor because you do not have the desire to become successful.

– You are poor because you lack foresight.

– You are poor because you cannot overcome your cowardice.

– You are poor because you lack the courage and determination.

– With ambition you can overcome all inferiority and maximise your potential!

– With ambition you can persevere, continuously learn new things and strive for perfection.

– With ambition you can defy all odds, and create miracles when others daren’t.

No matter how poor your family is, do not doubt your own abilities and lose sight of your ambition.

– When your family deems you worthless, no one will pity you.

– When your parents do not have money to pay the medical bills, no one will pity you.

– When you are beaten by your competitors, no one will pity you.

– When your loved ones abandon you, no one will pity you.

– When you have not accomplished anything by the time you are 35, no one will pity you.

Go big, or go home. Otherwise, you’re wasting your youth.

Apa yang kita boleh ambil pengajaran,

“Tanpa niat yang kuat untuk berjaya, kita akan mudah kecundang di tengah perjalanan.”

Wu, daripada seorang tukang sapu dan buat air untuk orang lain, menjadi seseorang yang hebat malah bertaraf antarabangsa.

“Cant you imagine that?”

Betapa kuatnya niat dan keinginan dia untuk berjaya.

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream in the dark recesses of the night awake in the day to find all was vanity. But the dreamers of day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, and make it possible.” – T.E. Lawrence

Apa beza matlamat dan berangan?

Matlamat adalah sesuatu yang ditulis. Tulis dan bertindak ke arahnya. Berangan adalah sesuatu yang difikirkan dalam fikiran. Tanpa tulis. Tanpa tindakan.

kepentingan tulis matlamat

Kredit: Dato’ Roslan Ab Hamid

Kompas kewangan

Baik, setelah you tinggalkan perkara-perkara negatif, barulah you boleh mulakan sesuatu yang baru. Barulah ada ruang untuk perkara-perkara baru masuk dalam hidup you.

Ia ibarat apabila you unfriend seseorang yang suka update status negative, barulah you boleh tambah new positive friend yang baru. Betul? Begitulah pentingnya you buang, delete, remove sikap-sikap negatif you.

By the way,

“Energi tidak dapat diciptakan atau dimusnahkan, energi hanya dapat diubah dari 1 bentuk energi ke bentuk energi yang lain.”

Antara cara untuk ubah sikap negatif adalah fokus sikap positif. Fokus more and more untuk sikap positif itu. Walauapapun terjadi, you mesti fokus more on the positive behaviour.

Kalau dulu, you jenis suka bangun lambat. Asal lepas Subuh je tidur semula. Mulai sekarang, mula fokus bangun pagi.

Andai dulu, you bangun tidur je mengadap Facebook. Mulai sekarang, ubah dengan bangun tidur je mengadap terjemahan Al Quran. Atau baca buku yang membina diri.

Baik. Ini kompas kewangan yang kita akan gunakan untuk siri Inche Hujan ini. You boleh ubah mana-mana. Kompas ini hanya sebagai permulaan. Kalau you ada kompas lain, gunakan. Cuma untuk siri ini sahaja saya guna kompas ini:


“Woo…big topic ni Inche Hujan.”

Yes it is. Kita sedang menuju kepada otak kelas menengah dan atasan. Saya takkan ulas panjang. Hanya sedikit daripada semua ini. Tetapi apa yang boleh saya berikan adalah langkah pertama untuk you bermula.

Nak sambung jadi cerpen pula nanti. Jadi, insya-Allah kita sambung siri ke 8.


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